Stockhouse Farm

Farley Green, Surrey.

A small collection of traditionally designed homes set within an acre of the English countryside in the charming village of Farley Green, near Guildford.

These impressive traditional designed homes are located outside of a recognised settlement area within the Surrey Hills Green Belt. Beyond settlement boundaries, in planning terms land such as this, is classified as the countryside. Previously, the site contained a detached house with several large farmed outbuildings.

Our clients asked TSBP Architecture to replace the existing outbuildings with four low energy designed homes. In addition, they required the homes to achieve an Energy ‘A’ Rating status of which was very important to our client in this case.


Traditional Design

Our taking up of using a traditional architectural language enabled the design to merge with the surroundings. Coupled with, using traditional materials has allowed each home to blend kindly into the immediate and local rural surrounds with minimal visual impact. In particular, the choice of brickwork and timber cladding, under a simple tiled pitch roof design, has added to its success.

‘Fabric First’ Approach

To reach our client’s objectives of an Energy ‘A’ rating status. In this instance, we made the decision to design the homes using innovative constructional methods and elements.  As an example, and as part of a ‘Fabric First’ approach to achieve low energy targets, the main structure of each house was designed and built using Amvic Insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF).

Furthermore, our cutting edge approach detailed –

  • Using the very best in renewable energy technologies and
  • Creating high levels of insulation and air-tightness.

As a result, the homes achieved exceptional levels of energy efficiency and extremely low CO2 emissions. Accordingly, the development gained an ‘A’ rating on its Energy Performance Certificate for each home.

We believe that ICF construction is an ideal build method to achieve the two keys requirements for a low energy building envelope which are

  • Thermal efficiency and
  • Air-tightness.

Our desire to create innovative low energy family homes that function with the end-user in mind was successfully achieved.


Low-Cost Living

From the outset, the approach to use the latest and very best in fully integrated renewable energy technologies was important. For these reasons, each home is

  • Equipped with an air source heat pump, MVHR system, solar panels and a Be-Hive system, and 
  • Fully controlled by a Loxone Smart Home system.

A huge benefit of the unique design and combination of technologies is its uses of free natural heat. As a result of the equipment installed, helps cool each home during summer and subsequently heats them in the winter.

To conclude, not only do the home-owners and users enjoy the ultimate in a high standard of comfort. Also, they will enjoy the flexible indoor living environment with the added benefit of enjoying extremely low running costs. 

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  • Completed.

Project Classification

  • Contemporary-Eco-Luxury-Planning
  • -Building Regulations-Working Drawings-Recently Completed.


  • Shophouse Lane, Farley Green, Surrey. UK.

Land Designation

  • Site is located in the Green Belt outside of any identified settlement. It is within the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and an Area of Great Landscape Value (AGLV).


  • Leathwaite (Hunters Hill).


  • Evening Standard New Homes Awards 2020
  • - Winner of Best Boutique Development,
  • - Winner of Eco Living Award.

Renewable Energy/Technology

  • Air Source Heat Pump and thermal store, a Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery System with integrated Be-Hive Air (Renewable Fusion Solution) Intelligent Ventilation equipment, Solar PV, and Loxone Smart Home Automation System.


  • 2017-2019