Stockhouse Farm

Farley Green, Surrey.

Situated within an acre of English countryside in the picturesque village of Farley Green near Albury. The site is located outside of an identified settlement area within the Surrey Hills Green Belt. The original plot contained a part single and two storey detached dwelling with a substantial amount of outbuildings. The ‘Project Brief’ was to replace the existing outbuildings with four low energy homes achieving an Energy ‘A’ Rating status.

The adoption of traditional architectural language for the dwellings has resulted in a design with a mix of facing brickwork and horizontal timber cladding, under a simple pitch tiled roof design. The homes blend sympathetically into the immediate and local rural surroundings with minimal visual impact, whilst achieving the desired goal of creating innovative low energy family homes that function with the end user in mind.

The homes have been constructed using innovative constructional methods and elements as part of a ‘Fabric First’ approach to construction in achieving the low energy targets set to achieve the two keys requirements for a low energy building envelope which are the thermal efficiency and equally of importance but sometimes less obvious requirement of air-tightness.

Incorporating the homes with the latest and very best in renewable energy technologies and high levels of insulation and air-tightness has achieved exceptional levels of energy efficiency and extremely low CO2 emissions, meaning the homes achieving an ‘A’ rating on their Energy Performance Certificates.


  • Completed.

Project Classification

  • Contemporary-Eco-Luxury-Planning
  • -Building Regulations-Working Drawings-Recently Completed.


  • Shophouse Lane, Farley Green, Surrey. UK.

Land Designation

  • Site is located in the Green Belt outside of any identified settlement. It is within the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and an Area of Great Landscape Value (AGLV).


  • Leathwaite (Hunters Hill).

Renewable Energy/Technology

  • Air Source Heat Pump and thermal store, a Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery System with integrated Be-Hive Air (Renewable Fusion Solution) Intelligent Ventilation equipment, Solar PV, and Loxone Smart Home Automation System.


  • 2017-2019