Downhouse Road

Catherington, Hampshire.

Residential backland development in Catherington, Hampshire.

Set within part employment and part residential backland site south of the village Clanfield, in Catherington, Horndean. The site falls outside of any identified settlement boundary area.

The site presents a superb opportunity for a residential backland development scheme. It lies on the eastern side of Downhouse Road, accessed via a long, straight, single track. The nearby properties have long, narrow rear gardens. Besides, there is a limited amount of development to the rear of the houses fronting the main road. The only notable exception is, being a replacement dwelling close to the subject site.

As a result of the site’s current use, renders it a developed site in the countryside – what is commonly termed a ‘brownfield’ site. However, the site lies within a Local Gap which runs along the western edge of Clanfield’s built-up area boundary. This lies east of a ridge beyond the site’s eastern boundary. Subsequently, this confined any redevelopment on the site to the current built limits set by the existing buildings, hardstandings and suchlike.

The Project Brief was to create four individually designed dwellings. Coupled with external works and extended driveway access to replace the existing dwelling and several commercial use buildings.

The design and positioning of the dwellings have been induced by the context of the pattern of residential built form nearby. Indeed, the design behind the proposal makes the best use of this previously developed site. Moreover, it complements the character and amenity of neighbouring buildings considering the sensitivity of this backland development.

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  • Concept Stage.

Project Classification

  • Contemporary-Traditional-Concept.


  • Downhouse Road, Catherington, Horndean Hampshire. UK.

Land Designation

  • Site is located outside of any identified settlement boundary.


  • Bright Green Design.