Smugglers Cottage

Westbourne, West Sussex.

Grade-Listed buildings in Conservation Areas.

A charming cottage that falls under the category of Grade-Listed buildings in Conservation Areas. This Grade II Listed cottage lies within the Conservation Area of Westbourne. It is a c. 16th Century timber-framed building with the timbering and painted brick infilling exposed in the north wall, but refaced with flints with red brick dressings, quoins and stringcourse. Half hipped tiled roof, casement windows with a later added gabled porch. The cottage was in an urgent need of extensive major repair works.

The building works…

Careful dialogue with the Local Authority Conservation Officer and Planning Team at an early stage secured Listed Building Consent. 

As with the nature of working with listed buildings, it is very difficult and almost impossible to ascertain the full nature of the works required prior to opening up of the structure. Following the opening up of the existing structure, resulting in the unveiling of some original features previously covered up. Such as stone walls, original roof timbers and a mural. It exposed that the cottage was clearly in an urgent need of extensive major repair works. This was due to the very poor state of the fabric and structure.

Many original features have been uncovered and/or repaired. Along with some alterations, works also involved remodelling the garden areas and some boundary features. This cottage has seen a vast amount of building works to repair and maintain the integrity of its structure.

With the aid of local highly skilled craftsmen has repaired and saved this lovely historic cottage for many years to come. The owner is very delighted with the outcome of the finished works. As a result, has created a family cottage that can be enjoyed for many generations to follow…

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  • Recently completed.

Project Classification

  • Grade Listed-Conservation Area-Planning-Building Regulations-
  • Working Drawings-Recently Completed.


  • Church Road, Westbourne. UK.

Land Designation

  • Grade II Listed Building, Character Area 4 of the wider Westbourne Conservation Area.


  • 2015-2019