Former RAF Tangmere

Tangmere, Chichester, West Sussex.

Grade II Listed Building

This historic site lies near Harvey Court in Tangmere and is formally part of the Royal Air Force Tangmere. The site comprises a two-storey building classified as a ‘Grade II’ Listed Building. Hence, buildings under this classification are of special architectural interest. As a result, they warrant every effort being made to preserve them.

In the immediate vicinity, residential properties lie to the east, south and west of the application site. Also, there is an office building known as ‘Salisbury House’ to the north.

First listed in April 2007, the building is famous for its role in the Battle of Britain. The RAF occupied the building as an airbase, dating back to 1938/39. It is an ‘H’ shaped in plan two-storey property conforming to Air Ministry design 8/84 (hipped roof variant). Externally, the building has two entrances. Namely, one to the east elevation and the other to the west elevation, both Art Deco in style with a canopy over each. In brief, the elevations comprise brickwork in Flemish bond with Crittall Windows throughout under pitch tiled hip roofs.

Of interest, the famous Second World War aces wing commander Douglas Bader, and then inexperienced Johnnie Johnson stationed at Tangmere in 1941.

Our client set a project brief to repair and convert the former RAF Barracks building into eleven apartments. Furthermore, our brief included external landscape as part of the works.

In conclusion, by incorporating the works enables bringing back this disused historic asset to long term beneficial use; whilst preserving all important features. Taking on board the Council’s advice, along with our philosophy and design approach of the scheme, secured a Planning Consent and Listed Building Consent.

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  • Completed.

Project Classifcation

  • Grade Listed-Conservation Area-Recently Completed.


  • Building 116, City Fields Way, Chichester. UK.

Land Designation

  • Grade II Listed Building.


  • 2013-2015